Path of exile 3.1.0 Duelist Slayer Builds

Slayer is certainly one of most efficient lab runners, izaro is under no circumstances a challenge, but its Vaal pact that makes you can’t regen is kinda annoying against traps, you can just disable Vaal pact and run it like any other builds. Maps are no challenge, you could cruise through every little thing when you follow this article. Now Will share four Path of exile 3.1.0 Duelist Slayer Builds for you personally


No.4 [Poe3.1 Build] Ahfack’s Crimson Cyclone – 3.1WIP Everything Will likely be Fine – 100% Pure Phys
This construct guide was produced in regular with GG gear at endgame, but it is possible to definitely do league-based/cheaper iterations and still reach terrific harm.
This isn’t a “Path of Building-Warrior” type build. PoB doesn’t calculate the damage properly on this build at all. I have been playing Cyclone for almost 5 years in this fantastic game, and I can assure you this is essentially the most satisfying, smoothest, tankiest 2H cyclone construct I’ve ever played.
Cool construct. Looks really fascinating. I’m at present carrying out efforts physical cyclone, just about identical to this, except you concentrate purely on phys+bleed.
I’m not at all positive that is tankier in any way vs bosses, I lose like 1k life with this make in comparison with. I’m not sure in the event the single target with this development is better, it looks like it, but what about map clear speed?
It is best to throw a video up, with a map clear of gorge, shaped atoll or guardian simply to show clear speed 🙂
Particularly Fast Melee Construct
Really Tanky
No Viktor Flask
No Atziri Flask
No Taste of Hate Flask
No Sin’s Rebirth Flask
Good Uber Lab Farmer
Satisfying Shaper Farmer
Classic ARPG Cyclone/Whirlwind play-style
Great for chaining maps and carrying out all bosses
No Gem Swap necessary for boss fights

Make hyperlink:

No.3 [Poe3.1 Build] Dark Pact Slayer (Fantastic for newbies,+9k Life, +1000hp regen/sec, Under 200c)
Despair is usually a new Intelligence gem that will replace current copies of Vulnerability. It reduces Chaos Resistance, increases Harm over Time taken, and grants added Chaos Damage to hits against cursed enemies. (This gem isn’t counted as one of the ten new ones in 3.1.0). This may grant a considerable DPS improve, will have to view in what way it will likely be utilized together with the scaling it will grant.
General I am not absolutely shocked and a great deal of these adjustments were within a huge part due to Marauder/Vaal Pact applying Dark Pact. Around the surface we received nerfs but around the vibrant side the adjustments could have been additional severe, every little thing will quite most likely work out after you aspect within the new Elder/Shaper gear and other alterations coming inside the patch notes.

– Extremely smooth leveling (Can kill Gruthkul solo at level 54 and Act 10 Kitava solo at level 70)
– Terrific clear speed (200-240mil exp/hr on tier eight maps at level 83, utilizes shield charge and big AoE)
– Decent single target damage.
– Presently 9.2k hp at level 87 without the need of an amulet (Bisco’s is viable in case you can afford it).
– Low-cost spending budget gear, 6L corrupt chest price 35c, rippling believed cost 20c, main gear among 5-10c
– Higher regen tends to make it pretty comfortable for novices (800hp/sec regen although moving, over 1khp/sec regen standing nevertheless)

– *Maps* Usually do not run any leech, no regen, hex proof or significantly less life recovery mods. These can all be risky/lethal, when you can stay clear of them do so.
– Leech life sustain on single target demand some decent harm to comfy, Cherubim’s Maleficence and Brutal Fervour shore this up considerably.
– Without instant leech, some bosses are often tough without far better gear/levels.
– Min/Max late game becomes extremely expensive (5B/1G Cherubim’s Maleficence required). Shout out to Mario Bugelnig for creating this video to show how it’s done

Build hyperlink:

No.2 [Poe3.1 Build] For Slayer – Ngamahu Cyclone Create (Uber Lab Runner, End Game Viable)
This can be just about a further Ngamahu’s Flame Cyclone construct.The powers offered by the significant and minor gods are circumstance primarily based. the construct can switch them in your hideout just before engaging boss of a specific map.I just like the concept using the atziri gloves but create should unspec resolute method for them to perform and get some crit likelihood. There’s also the elemental overload keystone in the witch area that would be pretty good if develop use these gloves.

– Large damage increase from Elemental Overload

– Without the need of popping Ruby flask, you could effortlessly 1 shot your self against elemental reflect
– Less tanky as you shed 2 endurance charges and 2 seconds of endurance duration
– You’ll need at the least 300 accuracies on gears to acquire your possibility to hit above 80%, for optimal opportunity to hit, you need no less than 900 to get it to 90% (essential).

No.1 [Poe3.1 Build] The Swordmaster – dual-wield crit slayer – all content material down/videos up – 5c starter pack
That is it guys, there’s no secret godly buff, each and every ability is possible to reach the endgame, this creates is extremely versatile, I have an elemental conversion and 1H+Shield version of Slayer in the retailer, will see how it goes ahead of I post it. Anyway, hope you have a great time, will update with FAQ section later. Make contact with me in-game at @Shieldwithasword
– Simple to develop and gearing, no bleed/poison abuse, just pure Phys.
– Versatile with skills, can use all 1h melee sword ability, I mainly use Blade flurry for bosses and Ice crash/lacerate/cyclone for mapping.
– The high quality of life with slayer stun/bleed immune, 20% culling, and endless leech.
– 6-7 jewels, adequate to fill in what you lack on gear.
– No flask spamming in every single two sec

Build hyperlink:

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