Mu legend Dark Lord may be the far better tank Class to play

You can find Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage in MU Legend, Now Mu2zen shares with you The way to opt for a class in MU Legend. Mu2zen as a specialist Mu Legend zen internet site presents safe, rapid and low-cost MU Legend Zen for you personally. In the event you might be hesitating where to get Dark Lord Talent guides for a beginner, Mu2zen could be an extremely fantastic choice.

From my knowledge, it really is greater to play tank Dark Lord. The purpose is his spells. He has additional close variety spells, which signifies it will likely be really hard for him to create dmg because he will take a lot of dmg and can fall back. Also, he includes a large number of crown handle spells, like gathering all monsters around him at 1 spot, stuns and so on. Which suggests, that if you go for DPS, then you will not be utilizing these spells, because you can die swiftly.

Also, the game is much more made for party play. And whisperer and war mage will out DPS you by a lengthy run. So there is certainly no use for DPS dark lord in celebration.
Also would like to say, that tanks aren’t that fantastic normally, it’s extra rewarding to play with DPS, because as DL, in boss fights you will not really offer much for the party, you can not cc or taunt the boss, just hit with low dmg. Also, bosses have enormous dmg spells, which will blow up tanks, so you nonetheless will require dodging.

In conclusion, the dark lord is produced extra for supporting others and crowd controlling the monsters. If you would like to go for more DPS, then you definitely ought to choose whisperer or war mage

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