Prime 5 best Path of exile 3.1 Builds for Champion

The Poe Champion can be a defensive/support class that may act as a tank for their celebration by taunting enemies, buffing their allies with an aura, or Intimidate enemies to minimize their defenses. In addition, they have access to passives that grant them offensive bonuses when they have Fortify and uniquely possess the capability to permanently Fortify themselves. The tree grants increased armor and evasion rating across the board to further bolster their survivability as well.

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1. Lifting’s Uber Lab Pure Phys Warchief Totems

1. Gameplay and video guide here:

2. I do not reply to private messages, if you have any questions please post them in this thread or visit me at twitch (link above).
3. The intention of this build is to create a cheap, simple and highly successful uber lab farmer. This is usually a monkey maker build.
4. There are 2 different versions of this build. They both use precisely the same skill-tree and could be leveled exactly the same way. Only the gear and some of the skill-gems differ.

Copy each Pastebin link into PoB to see the difference.
– Gruthkul’s Version: – Fairly budget, the one I currently use and will cover in this guide)
– Starforge + Kaom¡¯s version: – Expensive and not necessary at all, but more damage and more life

Strengths and Weaknesses of the build
– Beginner and new league “friendly” – the build is incredibly simple in design and execution.
– Budget-friendly. No uniques are required to start off with this build. You can buy them as you earn
them, although just wearing rare gear instead.
– Easy and fast to level.
– Very tanky.
– Permanent Fortify & Onslaught.
– High life regen, making labyrinth traps easier to deal with.
– Your totems can taunt, making bosses much less dangerous.
– Decent clear speed in even the highest tier maps.
– Good for farming Uber lab, Atziri & Guardians. (I haven’t tried Shaper, but it should be doable with
appropriate gear)
– You can play this build regardless of whether you play in the hardcore or softcore league.
– Your totems will destroy themselves on physical reflect maps.
– Some people don’t enjoy the “totem playstyle”

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2. Frosty Duelist – Dual Wielding Frost Blades Duelist – Over 1M dps
This build guide is hopefully exploring the finest way to play frost blades as a duelist so it is evolving as people comment and message, thanks to those people and especially to Chris_hueso!
I am focusing on dual wielding so Champion and to some degree Gladiator. Slayer truly needs a 2 hander so ends up quite different (Gnew95 has a build for slayers
Anyway, POE three.0 gave some seriously nice boosts with maiming and ruthless!
So now we Chill, Freeze, Maim, Stun and Intimidate!

Easy to level and play with incredibly good clear speed.
Medium Price builds that’s easy to start cheap and improve as you go.
178% life (more easily possible), leech and regen
Lots of choices for your playstyle – Champion or Gladiator, Vaal Pact or normal leech/regen, Assassin’s mark or Frostbite.
It is actually a bit of a technical build and is min/maxed, you will more than likely want the path of building for working out late game gear.

What it can and can’t do.
Cant do elemental reflect maps
Uber lab is usually a breeze. Atziri needs care because of reflect in the split stage and our projectiles bouncing on to one with a shield but might be done. I’ve completed Uber Atziri (not deathless even though) and killed 40 guardians for the challenge (I find minotaur very hard and chimera easy, but all may possibly just be experience). Shaper should be possible – I reached 2nd stage on 2nd try but have no real experience here and probably just need to run it 20 times to learn.

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3. Champion Caustic Arrow – Uber Azzaro Viable
Hi, this is one of the first few builds I’m posting, this build revolves around the skill Caustic Arrow with Champion being the ascendancy chosen.
Currently having a lot of fun playing it and decided to share, do leave me any feedback to help improve the build.
This build scales exponentially properly with levels and gem levels.

Champion and why?
1.Easy access to 75% enhanced damage by cruel lab completion.
2.Permanent Fortify (20% damage reduction from hits).
three.Armour and Evasion % nodes that scale nicely with build items.

Estimated Build Stats
50% Physical Damage Reduction
40% Chance to Evade Attacks
60k DoT
5000 and above Max Life (Could be adjusted to be higher by sacrificing damage)

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4.Blade Flurry Champion (5k Life, 18k/28k Armour, 175k DPS)
A friend of mine asked me to create a build for him because he started playing Path of Exile some days ago and wanted to try Blade Flurry.
I wanted to make a tanky, easy-2-play and cheap dude.
So I came up with some ideas:

1) Soul Taker: No mana problems —> EASIER BUILD.
2) High Life/High Armor: You can’t die —> EASIER BUILD.
3) Varunastra: High versatility —> EASIER BUILD.

-High survivability
-Decent damage
-Without Varunastra the build doesn’t work
-Only 1 Jewel

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five.Exedy’s Crit Sweep/Sunder Champion with staff
Hi there. Right here is my build for Crit Sweep Champion for Hardcore.
If you are looking not another meta build, if you get tired of Earthquake or blade flurry, I hope you will like this build.
+ Hardcore VIABLE!
+ No lags
+ Good DPS (200k+ with INC AOE)
+ Permanent Fortify and Onslaught
+ 6 end charges
+ 7.5-8k hp – build is tanky for HP-based
+ Nice AOE for map clearing
+ Not Blade Flurry
– Not cheap (but can work without huge attachments)
– Vulnerable to Spark Skeletons
– Not Blade Flurry

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