How to play on the Warlock Blades and Soul Master

You forgot to mention that the Warlock does not repel it without using it, instead of rejecting stall blocks. Just a few hours, not wings, a warlock can be used to destroy the spirit. He dizzy for 3 seconds to attract and cause a lot of damage to throw the opponent. We can still tell the dragons, and if we throw, and must go beyond goal (exception – distance> 20m), we can carry out embossed inviz.

But this can be attributed to a particular situation. Also can be added in the Warlock’s label is suspended by the stigma actually different from the FCI. Stigma, and worth mentioning. Well, the integrity of the symbol. This can be compared with ice and fire stacks. Otherwise it is a normative guide).

In short warlock imbovaya airkomba. Worst option – under wings. When you toss 90% of the health removed four times, you do not even prozhat tags. And it is not clear when the necessary table will almost give the first control. Then, block bounce and throw it as usual in this case.

Yes i was on stage, i got gold medal only bmom but warlock angered most silver 4mya class expert! First leaked to adjust to the strata, he dragged the second round and the third you a new surprise, which you are not ready – and the fourth round there! This, in my opinion, Warlock and the most dangerous of its tactical diversity.

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