Bless Online Gameplay (Dungeon Run) Grindfest Friday

Crafting and stamina would be a great discussion for a podcast, so hopefully you guys can research several MMOs and discuss their methods. The most traumatizing and horrible crafting experience I’ve ever had was Neverwinter Online. Pseudo-stamina system + slow leveling + extreme pay to convenience (and later on win for cash shop only materials) + verbatim and uninteresting routes (once you’ve done tailoring, the others are no different) + extremely specified (there are 9 crafting paths + 3 ‘limited’ paths) + negative incentive to do them all on one character.

They have tons of instant and quick casting abilities for pvp speccs, and tons of mobility. They kite melee for days. I like my Ranger though, lest clunky feeling class and dem 1 shoot sniping shoots are drool worthy.

Haven’t played a mage, but looks like you can cast and move, or at least skill the points to move and cast after watching some videos to check.

the game launched in an unfinished state where it was missing about 15 levels off of its planned initial level cap and the content to match those 15 levels, leaving players without proper “endgame content.” Upon hitting the level cap, iirc, most players either took part in the 3v3 and 100v100 PvP modes or regularly went through a rotation of world bosses. I think that it’s still sort of in that state, but that a “proper” endgame is also drawing ever nearer.

If I recall correctly, there are 3v3 arenas and 100v100 battlegrounds. Guild wars were added to the Korean version recently, but I don’t think they really have any significance yet. I’m pretty sure that all declaring war on another guild does is allow you to PK members of that guild anywhere. I also think, but am not entirely sure, that a larger system of territorial warfare is planned, but not in the game yet. At the very least, promotional materials would have you believe that.

I been thinking because we heard nothing from aeria games aboyt bless maybe one should play Russian version sure I hate to have to use and translate patch that is meh because I wanna understand the story but it seams I could max out 1 char long before aeria games even have cbt. So should I play the Russian version and ignore the one we likely will get this summer or fall.

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