Bless online – all bad, but not desperate

Prosecutor exorcist is throwing, cans stacked by RESA point x4.4k worth a penny. If the craft Ru need it something that is not tasty to craft carefully tembtlee resources need to be a much easier to buy Oak. Goode now can lift the t, but why it all is necessary if the game is not online too.

Arena 15 minutes waiting, Basel blank, zero beginner. I also liked it, they gave all the runes of gems and fiolnye brought about the facts. In general, I am waiting for the main armor and armor rank to rank below the abyss (specialist).

Understand the problem of optimization is the bearing of the walls of the house and the house, and then he poured the foundation, rebuilt the support wall too late, or had the necessary house to tear down, and then had the foundation, the load-bearing wall was built or wait until he fell apart , And build the house with the accumulated resources, but it does not matter … or that again, it is not normal, and in a circle …

I went into Seru and amusement, from a disappointing BLESS, 4 to the system play minute MMORG set up is beyond me. All in all, two offices, and two games before the 101 recently destroyed the project.

We have 3 tribes in the territory of the server are maintained at 1, 3 and 8 people. Our GI left 27 people. Almost all of the deceased’s territory keeps the family. The world is not killing. Although two weeks ago, we killed two people for some time, but now do not even kill one. Actually, I have a player with 6+ runes that do nothing. Basel consciousness goes to armor low greed at present.

The updated person is a lot less. The new dungeon is running in 15 minutes. Off the acceptable benefits of the amount of padayut.chastenko green runes fall clothes have extra booty + blue runes. Coupled with almost always falls on mule blue runes and precious herbs. For those who quickly carry out the dungeon printsepe can walk and raise the salesgood it fanpee. An article in 50 is a lower armor than the 45 pichal before the day.

Boevka and manage – clumsy. Why skills are caused by the damage to the animation before why the skills “move” – yuzayutsya can only move forward, why have the animation (in high school), and during the dialogue the camera may go into the floor, where you are the carpet obschaeshsya in the “change” See GV2 – there is another skill to say “somersault” (a pull like a berserker) and can be in all directions where the nazhmÑ‘sh button juzat.

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