First Look At Bless Online RU Open Beta

Bless Online Open Beta is now active in Russia, after a head start that had founder supporters playing as early as December 5th. Developed by Neowiz and using the Unreal Engine 3 including its new landscape tool, Bless Online is scheduled for worldwide release in 2017.

Bless Online

The game features extensive character customization with 10 playable races and 6 classes to choose from, with two more classes soon to come. The world is divided between two factions, Hieron and Union. Hieron is a holy empire, exerting dominion over its land. Union is a band of races to the north, made up of people who value their freedom and independence from the empire.

The host of classes players can choose from do not stray far from what players commonly find in MMORPGs. There are heavily armored Guardians and Paladins, battle-hungry Berserkers, tactical Rangers and Assassins, and currently just one magic-user, the Mage. Bless also lists the Warlock and the Mystic as classes that are, as of yet, unreleased.

North America and Europe

Aeria Games will handle the distribution of Bless for North America and Europe. But soon after this decision was made, Aeria Games and Gamigo AG announced a merger. Since then, news about Bless Online for North America and Europe has been pretty quiet.

Check back with us at MMOExaminer for updates on Bless Online as they develop, and don’t forget that there is an actual English Patch around for the Russian version, although it is unclear whether it can be used freely.

First Look At Bless Online RU Open Beta First Look At Bless Online RU Open Beta

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