Bless KR down to 1 Server. What went wrong? And how to prevent a western failure?

Things are not going well in korea for bless. After starting with 10 servers around 1 year ago, the game is down to 1 single server. The idea is not to create a mega server tho, the game is just dead. But what went wrong in your opinion?
I guess the lack of content updates is to blame. Other MMOs simply offer much more and Bless still lacks on many features such as a dungeon finder, dynamic events and daily activities after reaching the endcontent. The game is also a disaster for people who are trying to get into the game. Duo to some gamedesign mistakes a lot of content is dead and irrelevant.
At this point i honestly don’t believe that some combat system changes and not making the game pay2win will be enough to have a stable playerbase, although Aeria REALLY has a big opportunity by offering a fair cashshop after the latest F2P Pay2Win titles. Imagine how many people will try the game when the media, streamer, youtuber etc. say something like: “Bless is the only fair F2P Game right now, go play it.”

So…in my opinion the game needs…

-More content updates (Not more areas or higher levelcap, simply more to focus on in endcontent)
-More daily activities
-More timebased events (Boss Events, Monsters are attacking villages etc.)
-Open world PvP Events
-Dungeon finder with a daily random dungeon queue and level synchronization with useful rewards for all levels to prevent dead content (Remove this pay x Lumena for more loot bullshit when you are on it)
-Dungeon hardmodes. Shoudl’t be that hard to change some numbers i think. Just adjust the Dungeons to level 50 in terms of mobs and rewards
-Hardcore Content (Like Stage-Based Dungeon that gets more difficult from floor to floor and hard bosses like

well the thing is – after gearing up – what to do?

I’m not sure how the new guild vs guild update as well as the new territory system work right now but ultimately it is nothing more than

Leveling up – gearing up – waiting for content – gearing up and/or leveling up – waiting for content.

They already have faction balance in place so I don’t really get why they didn’t open up the possibilities for PvP like making the World Boss fights more interesting with for example adding multiple phases, adding a higher number of players, etc. etc. etc.

The pet system could be used as endgame content if some pets had some unique skill sets per type (demon, human, beasts, fairies, etc. etc.) and if they actually added true unique pets like worldbosses and field bosses to the roster.

PvP needs to be a little more rewarding. Right at this point Open PvP is literally just ganking and fighting over dungeon entrances which is also quite easy to do since you can just switch channels which is in my view pretty pretty boring but well….

Territorial system – not sure how it works now but I expected a little more faction vs faction action such as conquering the other faction territories and if you hold a certain amount of territories or a certain combination of territories then you can attack the capital or so (like onslaught in UT). Also give the owning guild options to fortify the zone against attackers like more patrols which could use pets as defenders, towers which have to be crafted or even a combination of both. The better the pet – the higher the protection. If it get’s killed – you have to get a new one. So you need a certain supply of good worthy pets.

General zone events – not as detailed as GW2 but still with some trigger. Right now you rush through the zones and sometimes never look back.

Dungeons – actually I like the dungeons as they are however all dungeons need a hard mode.

Gear – introduce durability and item decay in order to generate the need for equipment and resources. Also death – in my view – should matter and right now it doesn’t. If anything it slows down your progress. Just pop a pigeon and merry leveling.

Crafting – make crafting more open and more central and add some flavor to it for example introduce several ore types and add custom stats to them. (Iron = Defense, etc. etc. etc.) I guess that could involve some time too as well as with the combination of the territorial fortification it could add some deeper meaning being a high level crafter.

I have to admit that some of these points are wishful thinking and actually require a lot of resources / reworks. However as initially said – the game itself is a good foundation – even with the flawed controls but unless they let players generate some of the content I doubt that one year into the NA/EU version or even the RU version will result in the same scenario.

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