Bless Online | RU OBT | Character Customization, Early Leveling & Dueling

Bless Online’s RU OBT went live yesterday. I joined the game with my crew and to my surprise.. I had a load of fun. Character customization, race/faction specific starter zones, questing, taming mounts and dueling friends.

I hope you guys enjoy these kinds of videos. If you do, please let me know! I would love to make more!
Also, we did a dungeon on the first day as well and a lot more stuff but it was too much to fit into one video. So.. if you guys would like to see more, I’ll start editing right away!

About 50-60% of the video had horrible quality.. due to some option in OBS. I fixed it later in the video and hopefully it will be fixed for future videos.. so sorry about that guys.

Bless has a completely open world, pvp in a huge scale, a different approach as far as how questing progresses, obviously better graphics (not that i give a fuck personally but..) and much more.
Also, Bless has a more western style as you look at it, while BnS has a pure Asian / martial arts aesthetic.

Just watch some videos about the game and you’ll get it.

Black Desert is pay to win man, don’t let them fool you, lol. In that game you can sell items from the cash shop in the market for money that you can use to buy stronger gear pieces. So yes, it is p2w.
Bless also seems to have a cash shop in the russian version fyi, but we don’t know if it is p2w yet (I wouldn’t set my hopes so high though)

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