Bless Online The Blazing Fire Adventures

The Bless Online Blazing Fire Expansion was released earlier last week and I wanted to see what’s new with the game so I updated my client and went on another gaming adventure over the weekend. I managed to complete the story and create new gameplay videos for you to watch below! Is the update any good? Come find out below~!

There was a lot of players running around and questing during my first day, but it slowly diminished over the next few days. Perhaps everyone rerolled on the new server due to the current events and EXP boosts? The new area was nice, but it didn’t really felt all that new because the game already had a desert area. As usual, I did some exploring here and there. The desert area was pretty big, but I was hoping for a snow region or something different.

I stumbled upon a mini field boss looking humanoid monster shown in the video above and decided to see if I could capture it. At first, I thought it was going to be a pet, but as it turns out it was a mount! I explored deeper into the level 49’ish areas and discovered a chimera with wings. I was like whoaaa, I must capture that and so I did. The wings are just for show, the Chimera doesn’t actually fly. It’s a good thing they had some special events going on during the first week and gave away free flying mounts that lasted up to 24 hours. It made my questing and leveling up life a lot easier.

I’m currently level 49 and about 50% away from the level 50 cap, but I’ve ran out of quests! I started grinding the PvE Arena which is decent EXP for those that don’t want to grind monster or go back and work on lower level quests. The PvE Arena is located inside your main city. I’ve got no motivation to level up in Bless Online other than trying out the new level 50 dungeon and the recycled version of the lower level one. I wasn’t hooked on to the game as much as I thought I would have. I told myself that I would at least beat the story and log off for the day. I’ll probably try to get level 50 at a later date… or something XD since I do want to give you guys a preview of the level 50 dungeons, but perhaps at a later date.

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