Bless Online MMORPG 1st Anniversary In Korea

Bless Online has just started celebrating its first birthday in Korea, right after the server merge that happened recently.

Korean MMORPGs like Bless Online are known for their complex storylines and often magnificent visuals. Bless Online does not lack either, although it does seem to have some flaws that result in lower popularity servers. But today, we are not going to focus on the server merge. Instead, we will be discussing the first anniversary of Neowiz Games’ fantasy-themed MMORPG. To make it absolutely clear, we at MMOExaminer actually played the game, not on the Korean servers, but on the recently launched Russian OBT ones, and we found the game rather addictive and easily digestible for western gamers.

Bless Online MMORPG 1st Anniversary In Korea

According to Duaidot, the anniversary events have already launched on January 12, and currently, the publisher is attempting to reward its loyal player base. The anniversary event concludes on February 13th. During this period, Korean players are rewarded with various nifty in-game gifts, such as a thank-you box with costumes and a level 50 accessory pack.

Cumulative gifts are also part of the event, depending on your game time, you can receive some great bonuses in Bless Online. Besides actual items, buffs are also being added to the game, such as experience boosts, movement speed boosts and profession related boosts, that, if our translation attempts do not fail us, are activated during the weekends. Dungeon bosses will also be dropping extra event-related loot, such as temporary mounts and more. An event-focused dungeon has also been implemented.

We would like to wish Bless Online Korea a Happy Birthday. While the Korean Bless celebrates its first birthday, we still haven’t been told when Aeria Plans to “give birth” to the European and NA version of the MMORPG. Russian Bless Online servers are flourishing and hopefully, this will be the case in other regions too.

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