Bless Online Korean MMORPG Gets Server Merge

This is not the first time that Bless Online receives a server merge in Korea. An announcement was recently made on the official Korean site of the MMORPG.

Bless Online is a highly anticipated fantasy-themed MMORPG that will be published by Aeria Games in the western regions. The game recently launched in Russia with great success, but it seems the Korean region is not as successful. According to our attempts at translating the source, two original servers were merged into a new one, called Lumen. The new server kicked off today with events.

Bless Online Korean MMORPG Gets Server Merge

As mentioned above, this is not the first merger that the MMORPG has received, which could indicate that Bless Online might have a similar fate in the EU and NA regions, eventually. Having played on the Russian servers, I must admit the game is actually highly entertaining and it has a lot of potential that could work out well for us. Visually, Bless Online slightly feels like a combination of Black Desert and ArcheAge, and the option to choose between non-targeting combat and traditional, is definitely a handy part of it.

Bless Online Korean MMORPG Gets Server Merge

“Those who have characters on the servers Bandouin, Tania can play on the `Lumen ‘server from today.”

The translation attempts indicate that servers “Bandouin” and “Tania” have been fused into Lumen, and it does seem to give us a feeling that this was probably caused by server population issues, which is really a shame because tons of players are eagerly waiting for the MMORPG’s arrival to EU and NA.

Hopefully, we will soon get to see how Bless Online manages to survive the competition here, although publisher Aeria Games is not telling us much at the moment.

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