Part Two Of Dragon King’s Tomb Coming To Bless Online

Neowiz Games has announced that brand new content will be coming to Bless Online on January 12th. The Dragon King’s Tomb dungeon will be the highlight, bringing a 10-person dungeon to the MMORPG.

The first part of the Dragon King’s Tomb was introduced back in October last year, and this brand new update will bring the latter half of the dungeon. This will introduce players to warrior king Berbec, one of the strongest warriors around, as well as powerful boss monsters such as Brenus, Marshit and a selection of tobaud monsters to boot.

Part Two Of Dragon King’s Tomb Coming To Bless Online

The second half of the Warrior King’s Tomb will be accessible to those who hold the key of the dimensional prison, which can be obtained by clearing the Ashurha temple and the Sapien mausoleum elite dungeon. Also, players will have the opportunity to upgrade legendary weapons, the highest form of weaponry available in Bless.

In order to upgrade said weapons, a special enhancement material will be required, which can be obtained from the second half of the Warrior King’s Tomb. Legendary weapons can also be upgraded with a combination of Sinnis and Government Scores stores. The first anniversary of the service is scheduled to be held on the 12th, as well as a content update featuring the second part of the Warrior King’s Tomb, which is hopefully a neat expression of developer’s gratitude for Bless Online players.

The medieval fantasy world of Bless Online is set for full release worldwide sometime in 2017, revolving around a decade-long war between two factions.

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