Bless Online RU Enjoys Successful Open Beta Launch

The Russian open beta testing for Bless Online could be considered a success so far, thanks to a number of accolades it has achieved since opening. The fantasy themed MMORPG’s initial release date is scheduled for 2016.

The open beta test has attracted a large amount of players, with the growing popularity resulting in an additional server being brought into the test. The initial two servers were full by December 8th, which has also resolved lengthy queue times at first. Russian players have also been extremely active across chat channels, with a few gold sellers even spamming on global servers.

Bless Online RU Enjoys Successful Open Beta Launch

Whilst the Auction House feature is not yet available as of the time of writing this, the in-game shop is operational with purchasable consumables, mounts, companions and premium services. Quest campaigns appear to be working well so far, as are the story campaigns, something that will surely catch the eye of any players sitting on the fence at these early stages. PvP meanwhile is currently active above level 30, though classes such as Warlock and Mystic are locked for the time being. It is worth noting that there seems to be regional limitations for Bless so far, so it is mostly playable via Russian IP. Having said that, the servers that are available are stable, and showing little signs of lag so far.

Bless Online had a head start in Russia for beta testing on December 5th, and opened up on December 8th. The full release of the game is expected to be sometime next year. The NA/EU version of the MMORPG is also set to arrive early year, published by Aeria Games.

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