The Cash Shop of Bless Online

The Korean Cash Shop of Bless is indeed one of the fairest F2P Shops around. Unfortunately, Aeria Games has a bad reputation when it comes to Pay2Win games but they definitely made a lot of good moves in the last months by removing Pay2Win elements from some of their games. They also started communicating a lot with us by doing AMA’s on reddit and answering questions on our forum. Aeria is trying hard to turn everything into the right direction and we are very sure that they will offer a fair Cash Shop for the western version.

The Korean Cash Store currently offers the usual F2P Premium Service for a monthly fee, Skins, Mounts, some smaller Pay2Progress items like Skill Books and Potions you can also buy at the NPC but no real Pay2Win Items.

Cash shops, item malls, what have you are necessary evils in the MMO world, and they’re not going away. In most Aeria games they play a large part because Aeria focuses on F2P rather than subscription models for many of its games.

Will they offer a premium package? Maybe. But even if they did they rake in so much money from cash shops that they’ll never not have them.

The gap between paying players versus non-paying is always going to be an issue, and I think as long as they don’t make it an insurmountable gap it should be okay. I’ve spent money on P2W items, like costumes with stats, weapon skins with stats, mounts with stats, backpacks … but that was just to add to my own enjoyment of the game.

The Cash Shop of Bless Online

Okay, so this is a mess.

Ca$h shops are okay. Not good, not great, but okay. They give us costumes and other cosmetics. They give us small little extras to make the game more fun. They also help keep the game F2P.

The Bless C$ – and I speak only from hearsay and second hand knowledge since I haven’t played the Korean version – seems fair. I doubt Aeria’s going to mess with it much. Maybe add in a few things here and there, alter prices a bit … but I don’t think they’re going to go crazy with is.

What I”m concerned with are the Tiered Spender packages. Spend $500 and get all the things! Oh, or you can buy gambling boxes! Oh, wait, we can’t call it gambling; not when we’re aiming this at kids. The “random chance” boxes!

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