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Ok here I go, thats what I know. first i will talk about mounts. mounts just like i said yesterday, you will not get mounts NEVER by looting them, you will get them by other ways, like taming it or buying it in the trade market, where you make exchanges with other players. There will be normal mounts like horses, boars and wolfs, comon mounts dont know what kind, uncommon mounts and rare ones. every mount will have their own abilities, and also have advantages and disadvantages depending on the territorry you get them. for example a polar or snow wolf will be able to run faster in a snowie territorry than a normal one like in a desert. Also you’ll be able to fight with your mount in pvp and also pve when your mounts adquire abilities. the rare mounts you will have to find them, they leave clues arround them, those clues you need them to find out where is the animal so you can tame it. but if you fail in tame you’ll die and it will go away. those mounts have special abilities. youll find flying mounts, water and hibrid. also those dragons that are for traveling in upper levels you wiull be able to used in pve like flying mounts and you’ll be able to control it.

Second: clases and races. clases-all clases of characters will have their own passive abilities, depending on the race and also class you choose. stamina is a blue line in circle, you are capable of running during 20 sec, its too much xD other game you run during 8 or 10 seconds, also with that you can defend yourself in combat. every class has diferent choices. for example guardian is able to block for a while some atacks from enemy. Paladin is going to do the same as the guardian but he also is going to heal himself while blocking. Berserker i dont remember good what he said to me but i think he is going to block atacks too like tera. Assassins will be able to disapear in combat and also be invisible for a while amd make crit damage from behing but only from behind, they are working on it. he said he is going to change it maybe for smoke bomb that aplies speed movement to you and slows the enemy and his visibility. Mage will be able to make a energy shield or teleport to a neer point, thats his dodge. they are working in it too.
the summoner or warlock will do the same as mage or change its position with a clone.

Races: panthera / lupus is a race that in upper levels in pve will be able to transform its self in an panthera, the same to lupus. the only races able to transform to attck enemies with more damege run more for a while, and have their own abilities like bites, scrathes, roars, etc in that form will be able to be a good support aplying negative bufs to enemies and positive ones to your mates. also it will be powerfull in that form in combat. able to transform in pvp for eating other players and make them screem of terror when they see you XD. the other races will have other things but noot cool transformation aperance.

More Bless Online Discussion

crafting will be like other games, also enchanting. you all know how it works.

game realease: between september and december 2014, is not going to be released in 2015.

beta tests: beta tests will continue until finals of august. in august will be an open beta for all. 3 more beta tests. 2 closed 1 open.

other things. the bad new is that i didnt get a beta test, the developer said that come again in april.

pve and events also world bosses. pve is like other games, questing, crafting, etc. there will be many events in a day. to many of them. world bosses will be epic events, youll need at least 100 players to defeat one and many summoners and paladins for healing. are the only classes who can heal. world bosses will do massive damage. we will need guardians and bersekers to do massive damage. also mages. assassins in there are fucked xD because of light defense. if they get closer. mages will be safe if they cast from distance. after defeating a world boss youll be able to loot something if you made lot of damage and helped players to survive in case on being a summoner or support. world bosses go two by two. the loots are interesting but there wont be mounts. there will be weapon skins, and equipment skins also, (armor, helmet…) common, uncommon, rare and legendary weapons and equipment. also rare objects and resources.

world pve: said to me that first you wont be able to interact with hieron or union, only youll see your faces in pvp. in later updates you’ll be able to go to the other site and dungeons and meet other people of the other races.
world pvp: pvp will be another map, a giant one like elder scolls online or guild wars 2. youll be able to make siege assault and posts assaults for gain terrain. is a map where also you can get rare recorces, make some crafting, dungeons, and pvp misions that you have to do in group or you wont be able to do them alone. also pve misions on pvp field. is you find another race that is your enemy he will be able to kill you will you are crafting, and extracting resources also if you are killing some monsters. dont stay there just run of kill him if you see someone looking and you.

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