Bless Online: Starting areas/races

My friend and I will be playing Bless when it hits the NA/EU beta and I have some questions about paired or grouped play that (hopefully) you can answer … now that you’ve all had the chance to play the game while I stand outside,staring mournfully in through the window like a matchstick girl.

1) Starting areas for different races

Each race has its own starting area, I believe, but at what point do they join up? If we each pick a different race (in the same faction) when will we be able to play together?

2) Party mechanics

Can you group up with someone – or party with someone – whose in a different map?

When two people are in a party but killing different quest mobs, do both people get credit for the kills?

When two people are in a party do they share xp for kills?

(My friends and I do a lot of party questing and try to stay at the same level or as close to it as we can.)

Bless Online: Starting areas/races

3) Loot

Is there a round-robin system for party loot? Or is it all “whoever picks it up gets it?”

Is there a need/greed/decline system for party loot?

4) Quest Drops (my loathed enemy)

I’m never good with quest drops. They hate me. I hate them. It’s a mutual dislike thing.

Are they tradeable? (I’m not expecting them to be.)

How are they handled in a party situation? Can more than one person get a quest drop from a kill?

There are a lot more little, silly questions but many of them of will be answered through gameplay. But these are ones we’re most interested in at the moment, since we might not all want to be the same race … and will probably be in a chatty, murderous killing party as we romp through the game.

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