Info about Bless Online of the 4 playable Classes in Beta

The beta will have four playable classes to choose from and they are Ranger, Paladin, Berserker, and Guardian. All four will have two separate advanced jobs. Are you ready learn about some of the classes in detail? Perhaps my mini preview can you help decide on which class to play in the future. I’ve paired each class description with a video for your viewing pleasure below. I hope you enjoy it!

The Ranger
The Ranger specializes in chasing enemies down and setting up traps. Every time they use skills, they consume attention stat and it recovers over time. Another way to recover your attention stat is to hit enemies with your normal attack. The developers say that the Rangers in this game are going to be a lot of fun because you can strafe around and shoot enemies at the same time. They wanted to make a character that is very mobile and can attack while keeping their distance away from the enemy. The Ranger has two advanced jobs that they can change into in the future. The first one is called Marksman/Sniper and the other one is Scout/Point Man. The Sniper specializes in long ranger combat, heavy damage with traps, and debuffs. The Scout requires a player with a fast-paced play style as some of its skill are mid range like rapid fire and such.

Info about Bless Online of the 4 playable Classes in Beta

The Paladin
The Paladin’s main weapon is a Hammer and they can focus on both Healing or Damage Dealer as they are also equipped with support spells. As for the advanced jobs, they can change into a Judge or Priest. The Judge is more focused on close range combat with very strong skills and some healing on the side a bit similar to battle Priests in other games. The Priest should be self explanatory as they focus healing and buffs, this class is more suited for players who enjoy partying with others. They use Mana, as their primary stat.

The Guardian
The Guardian is a tanker type of class wearing Plate Armor. Their main weapon is a Sword with a Shield in the off-hand. Using skills consumes Courage points. Courage points can stack and by saving up enough, the Guardian can unleash devastating attacks. Some of the Guardians skills aren’t limited to just poking with their swords. They can combine both their Sword and Shield to deliver good damage to enemies. One of the jobs they can advanced to is called the Protector and the other one is titled Vanguard. I’m a bit confused with the English names for the advanced jobs for this class, so it will most likely be renamed in the future. The Vanguard is a beefy type of class with a lot of combo skills that can be used one after the other. The Protector is a much more tankier class compared to Vanguard and has a lot more survivability with taunt/provoke. The developers say that this class is going to be one of the more challenging classes in Bless Online because your job is to keep the party alive!

The Berserker
The Berserker uses up Rage points as their primary stat! Attacking with skills will grant the Berserker more Rage points. This class is also a non-targeting class because their skills are mostly AoE. The Executioner has a more fast-paced gameplay and style compared to the Destroyer. Some of the Executioners skills involved beheading and skull bashing. The other job focuses more on counter attacks and requires players with fast reflex. This is a great class to play for those that learn enemy patterns very fast.

The producer thought that non-targeting combat is not suitable for MMORPG, that’s why they developed Bless Online as a targeting game. Although it’s a targeting game, some classes can be played with a non-targeting interface such as Berserker and Assassin. The upcoming beta will have a level 23 cap and it should take players about 10-15 hours. This should be enough to give players a general idea of what kind of game Bless Online is and what it has to offer during the lower levels of the game. The beta will include the main story quests, episode quests, hunting quests, normal quests, etc. The main story focuses on the story part of the game while the episode quests focuses more on the region you’re in.

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