[Bless Online Paladin Class Thread] Skill builds, opinions, ideas, concerns, etc

Hi folks,

just wanted to share some Paladin things with you which you may already know or don’t know. Of course depending on your playstyle, etc. you may have another view on things like that but still wanted to create a topic where players who already play the Paladin or want to play can inform themselves and discuss things.

1.) Paladin Class

Well first of all – skills:

I think the Paladin Class could be described as a damage mitigation tank for [Paladin] core skill, Tanky average/ low Damage Dealer for [Judge] and at the moment the only healer class for [Priest]. Opinions may vary.

For the moment I will only talk about [Judge] since I don’t really have any experience with [Paladin] nor with [Priest] so maybe someone who has more insight may share his or her opinion about these two but I will try them out later and share my experience as well.

In general try to wear 7 armor parts from the same category as you restore hp if you successfully block an attack which becomes incredibly handy later on with all the Block probability boosts.

2.) Judge Core Skill

As said the first available core Skill is Judge. Judge has some main benefits:
It increases the Str, Int and Wis by 20% passively
While you are out of combat for 2s and longer it increases the damage of the next attack by 20%
When used on a target it increases the damage on that target by 15% (= [Stigma] effect) – this can be combined with the 20% dmg increase for the next attack while out of combat to deal +35% on the next skill. So I’d change the key to use the Core Skill (standard is ~ – key I think) to a key like Q or E to use it more frequently.
While under the [Stigma] effect – [Judgement] and [Enforcement] apply stack-able dots. So you may use these skills in order to boost your damage output.

[Bless Online Paladin Class Thread] Skill builds, opinions, ideas, concerns, etc

2.1) Some Skills I’d use for PvE

The [blow]-[Strike]-[Hit] combo restores 5% Mana on [Hit] so I’d take it. Also when all other skills are on CD you can skill use the combo on auto-attack.

As already said [Judgement] applies a 10s dot while the target has a [Stigma] (Judge Core Skill) or [Sentence] (Paladin Core Skill) effect on them. This greatly boosts your damage as these dots can be stacked and deal a good portion of damage in relation to your normal average damage output. [Judgement] also has a 7% chance to reset the cooldown of [Enforcement].

[Enforcement] also applies a dot effect while while the target has a [Stigma] (Judge Core Skill) or [Sentence] (Paladin Core Skill) effect on them. Combining [Judgement] and [Enforcement] is a good way to bring down the health of the opponent.

[Chains of Justice] will apply a [Hold] effect (target can’t move) and also stops enemies from casting skills.
On Ranged Mobs this skill doesn’t work or doesn’t prevent them from auto-attacking. On Melee and Magic Mobs it prevents them from attacking completely so you may use this more frequently when fighting elite mobs.
It also deals damage after the effect wears out so it’s a win-win situation for you.

[Discipline] deals more damage when [Chains of Justice] effect is applied to the target and it increases the duration of [Nemesis] effects.

[Sentence] is a good way to create an opening for the [Sinner] reaction skill. Deals damage and when timed right also prevents the enemy from executing stronger attacks.

[Punishment] which becomes [Judgement Strike] while [Judge] is active isn’t really worth the mana it consumes. Maybe later on but I didn’t use it that often so I skipped it for now. It deals more damage of enemies with [Nemesis] effects on them but the damage output and the Cone AoE doesn’t justify the Mana cost in my view.

[Nova Explosion] – didn’t really bother try it out. Will maybe use it later for a while to see how it performs.

Defensive Skills:

[Healing Grace] becomes a instant Self-Healing Spells while [Judge] is active. So it is a good way to recover over time. It doesn’t heal much but lower the income damage a bit.

[Archangel’s Blessing] consumes too much Mana at low levels so I don’t use that in my current build. It may become handy in combination with the Restoration Effect when wearing a complete armor set and [Healing Grace] to counter attacks for 6 seconds and heal yourself.

[Purification] seems a bit useless while Soloing or doing PvE. Most Defensive Skills like [Withstand] cancel out CC, Dots, Debuffs, etc. so it is a bit useless to me in this situation. It may become handy while PvPing in a group or being the main healer with [Priest] in order to cancel out heavy dots or death sentences (like Aion – Adma Fortress – Boss Lanmark).

Can’t say anything about other spells above lvl 26. However I think if you purely want to be a damage dealer the class stops being interessting after a certain level since most of the higher level skills are Tank, Support and Healing skills.

About Passive skills.

[Sacrifice] and [Zeal of the Pilgrim] are the only passives which enhance your damage output.

[Sacrifice] decreases the duration of [Nemesis] effects but now all attacks have a chance to reset the cooldown of [Judgement] and [Enforcement] which is pretty neat since those two deal good damage and also apply the dots while the target is under [Stigma] effect.

[Zeal of the Pilgrim] boosts the chance of [Judgement] to reset the cooldown of [Enforcement] to 20%. And since [Enforcement] deals very good damage I’d say this is a must have.
It also enables you to apply multiple stacks of [Nemesis] stacks instead of only 1 stack when the target is under [Crushed] effect from [Enforcement] and vice versa.

[Divinity] is a more of a emergency defensive skill. If you have a spare slot – use it. If not… well then not ^^.

[Fanaticism/Will of the Temple] will help you out on when having MP problems but it’s worth it while using [Judge].

[Peaceful Act] may become handy but like [Awakening] too, it synergies better with the [Paladin] Core skill

– Well that’s it for now. I’ll add things later on like some Rotations, the [Paladin] core skill, etc. Let me know what you think.

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