Frequently Asked Questions about Bless Online

General Gameplay

1. How many factions will be available?
Jacob Han, Lead Producer: BLESS has two factions: Heiron and Union.

2. How many races will be available?
There will be 10 total races, five per faction. Heiron races are Fedayin, Habichts, Lupus, Mascu, and Sylvan Elf. The Union races are Amistad, Aqua Elf, Pnatera, Iblis, and Siren.

3. How many classes will be available?
There will be eight total classes: Assassin, Berserker, Guardian, Mage, Mystic, Paladin, Ranger, Warlock.

4. Will race matter?
Jacob Han, Lead Producer: BLESS has two factions and 10 races, each with its own starting hometown and its own storyline. For example, members of one race may end up needing to kill their only true friend, a friend who helped them escape to safety. Another race may choose not to buy an expensive dress for an innocent girl who is dreaming of going to a fancy ball, thereby crushing her dreams and turning her into a dangerous outlaw whom you will then have to kill in a quest to protect the city. Additional customization will be attainable through the race that you choose to play as well as through the completion of royal quests.

Frequently Asked Questions  about Bless Online

5. Does each class have a party role (a.k.a. “Holy Trinity” of tank, dps, and heals)?
Jacob Han, Lead Producer: The basic structure is indeed the trinity, but classes will not be tied to specific roles within party play. The classes that we did not showcase in our game demo at G-Star 2012 have a more liberal style of combat.

Despite the retention of this familiar style of gameplay, BLESS has a wide portfolio of character classes (eight, to be exact). Depending on the situation, players will experience dynamic roles. Once we reveal more about our upcoming RvR features, we will be able to disclose these customization elements in greater detail. Additional customization will be attainable through the race that you choose to play as well as through the completion of royal quests.

6. What type of mounts will BLESS include? Will there be flying mounts?
Thus far, we have seen different types of horses as well as the Wyverns/dragons.

Jacob Han, Lead Producer: As your character progresses, you will encounter these dragon mounts, or Wyverns, in a very dramatic and very specific story-driven way. Once you reach a certain level, you will be able to freely control and explore the vast and beautiful world of BLESS on top of this epic mount. There will also be plenty of other mounts in the game, many of which we will reveal in the near future.

Mounts have passive abilities (horses fastest on land, camels travel far across the desert, turtles fast across water) and can be used in combat (wyverns can dive bomb in RVR and AOE stun). We also know there will be elephants and probably several other mount types.

7. What is there to do in BLESS after reaching max level?
Jacob Han, Lead Producer: When players reach max level, there will be tons of fun activities to take part in, such as PvP, RvR, castle sieges, and epic raiding, much of which we cannot wait to tell you guys more about in the near future. But in addition to this, we wanted to go a step further to making endgame content truly fun and engaging. For example, after reaching max level, we have what we call Royal Quests, which raise your profile in the world. After you reach the highest level of knighthood, the guards around you will talk to you differently, and instead of running small errands around the city, you may be asked to visit an opposing faction to assassinate a high-ranking officer in a stealth mission, or help low-level players complete quests in order to go higher up the political chain. They’re designed to create a virtuous cycle of community and a more personalized experience.

8. Are there weather effects and/or a day and night cycle?
Yes. We’ve seen sunshine, rain, clouds, and a day/night cycle. Apparently time of day will also affect NPCs as they’ll closed up shop at night. We don’t know if that will make it into launch though.

9. How does RVR work?
There will be two types of RVR: casual and hardcore. Casual has limited penalties if you lose, hardcore has stricter penalties. Hardcore also takes place in a separate part of the map, while casual can happen in more locations.

10. How large will the raids be?
Raiding will reach at least 40 players.

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