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Bless Online is coming to the west. The game is beautiful. However.. the combat worries people. Aeria Games is also backing Bless. Is this good or bad?

From all the horrible things I read people saying about Aeria about how they turn every game they publish into P2W & that they are even worse than TRION I’m very worried, I was very interested to play this game but if they introduce a P2W cash shop either in the start or later on/few months later it will make me to never start playing or quit the game at some point & I don’t want that, I wanna find a good MMORPG with OW-PvP & stick to it for years like I did when I playing L2 but every game of this kind I start turn P2W down the road & I end up quitting.. first was AA & now the same thing happen with BDO if the same thing happen with this game also I’ll quit playing MMORPGs unless NC decide to finally release Lineage 3, I dream for that day since 4ever now…

Aeria games from my experience just kinda host some of those mainstream asian mmos with chibi characters and give you tons of purchasable cosmetic items, i’ve never really seen or had trouble with p2w items. This game looks really beautiful and honestly i like linear quest yet this game is so open with no barriers and stuff, reminds me of Guild Wars which i love, plus the raids and bosses are a major plus, also I love customization. so i will be playing this game, although the combat looks mediocre, i’ve definitely played worse combat mmos. i just feel like this game will be a very traditional feel with lots of things to do and explore, rather than it forcing you to do some of its end game content or forcing you to go out and quest etc.

Back in the day when S4 League was at a moderate standing and Aeria games owned it the game didn’t get that bad for a while. Boy, did that change. Like before, you could get fantastic items through RNG through free currency, was very lenient, too. think by the time it hit 2012 or 2013 they started to add all sorts of bullshit that made me quit. Terrible practice, but not a lost cause. If they treat this game like they did on there OG days it should be fine.

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