Bless Union City Quick Fly Through (Flying Mount)

These cities are starting to look all the same in every MMO. They really need to think of some better designs. Maybe a city built on top of a giant waterfall? Or a city built into the plateau in the desert. Something new not just some generic city #2 sitting in the middle of a field with some rivers.


BLESS have for sure the most pretty & amazing towns I have ever seen on any MMORPG, I am very hyped about this game I just hope that they will do something about the combat before the game released here in the West, it seems to be the first negative everyone is talking about after testing the game, also I am very worried like everyone else about issues that might occur with the publisher Aeria Games, I have no experience with them but I only hear bad things everywhere, people who know them say that they ruin every game they touch with heavy p2w elements, anyway lets w8 & see.. if this game end up in the dumpster bin like AA & BDO then I think I might loose any interest I have to play an MMORPG again because I’m tired on starting a game & quitting all the time, I waste enough time already because of those greedy bastards from TRION & Kakao that ruin the previous 2 games I was playing, if Aeria do the same crap all over again then that’s it for me.

The entire time i was sitting here watching you flying i was stuck on the music. >.< The music just made me think of a scene where you are going off to the “final battle”. Not in a hardcore way but more of a, everyone knows they are about to die, kind of way. The battle starts and the sound of the bombs and magic are muffled as those around you are dying, fighting valiantly for the things they believe in/want to protect. Then the final note hits and it is dead silent for a brief moment before a bird flies over the corpses of those who died….RIP imaginary soldies. Idk that may just be me and my imagination going off on it’s own again

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