Bless EU/NA Status Update 8/5/16

It has been a while since we, as Aeria Games, made official statement about what is going on and where do we stand with the release of the game. We have been delayed slightly due to the merger with Gamigo Group. As you can imagine or already experienced in first hand, a merger is a quite complicated thing to pull through, with turbulences and a lot of thought on the new organizational structure. The important thing though is that we have a strong team and enough resources to bring Bless to the western market and I am sure you are looking forward to hear about what was happening with Bless during the past month and what the status is 🙂 .

Our new COO, Jens has flew over to Korea to meet the C-Level executives of Neowiz Games and Neowiz Bless Studios to get in first contact with our new management as well as to talk about the milestone planning for Bless. I can say the meeting was quite successful and the trust, which has been built between two companies continue to exist. We will be meeting with them during the Gamescom again to continue talking about the milestones and hopefully finalize the release date in NA/EU.

So what have we been doing during the previous month? Well, me and my boss Jerome, who is the Director of Launches, have been taking the project over from Chrizzz B and we are currently working on the project planning and scoping of the project. We also play the game in our test servers (yes, we finally have the Bless test servers installed in our data center), gain game knowledge, explore anything and everything the game offers. I wasn’t able to find party to play 5 man dungeons in Korean servers but now we are playing through the dungeons with appropriate level and gear. It’s been very enjoyable and we had a blast! We aren’t doing this to only have fun though. We are constantly analyzing the game mechanics to figure out how to improve the game further by playing every day.

Bless EU/NA Status Update 8/5/16

On the IT side, we are trying to figure out the server specs for the amount of users we are expecting during the launch. Our IT team and the IT team from Neowiz is also working on the game launcher concept. As you know, launching the game from the browser is not an optimal way to start the game in EU/NA and we will be definitely changing the workflow for game start as well as a couple of tweaks to the game launcher itself.

On the localization side, things are on track. Our localization team is working on the Korean to English translation as of now and we have been going through the game design documents. I was very pleased to see that the game has an immense lore and background information which created the beautiful world of Bless. Not a lot of MMORPG developers put a big emphasis on game lore nowadays and I am happy that Neowiz is not one of them…

One more thing: I would like to thank all of you who participated in the survey. There were more than 100 participants. We read through all of your comments to understand what you like and what you dislike about the game. The results were very interesting and highly informative. Larek will share the results with you guys next week and I really appreciate the time you took to fill out the survey. Please note that we believe that the community feedback is going to be the key factor to make Bless successful and sustainable in the west and we rely on honest feedback from all of you for further surveys.

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