Bless – Mystic Low Level Gameplay – Flying Mount – F2P – KR

Here is a short low level Mystic gameplay showcasing some basic skills. This class seems to have a lot of heals and buffs, so you can go full supporter in a party but also deals nice damage for solo gameplay. Traveling with the flying mount is so fast for questing, too bad is a 1 day use gift 🙁 Will try to level a bit more and show more skills. Remember I play from Europe with massive delay with no vpn or ping booster.

As I am looking at the landscape, there should be way more trees, because those green and rocky hills look really empty. Also, they should add some filters like BDO has to make the graphics more colorful. Or a bad thing would be if they wouldn’t allow sweetfx.

Wouldn’t bother with this game. The general idea is ok (altho 10 years old) but the combat is complete 2005 garbage not because its tab target but simply because its bad (there are awesome tab target games), the world is like “we have biggest world evuh!” yeah it doesn’t matter when its all just an endless, dry wasteland/rocky desert with nothing in it.. Movement is stiff as shit and the models themselves are plain fugly.. the female characters look manlier than the male ones lel.

Riders of Icarus is based on a very old game, that’s their main problem and it’s hard to change, but this one is brand new and I think they can do it better. But yes, basically you need to play in tab target mode, cause free target is so bugged.

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