5 Pros and Cons of Bless Online

Bless Online is a Korean MMORPG that is set for global release in the near future. As of mid-January Bless has entered the beta stage of development and is playable in the Korea region only. Now that a lot of players had a chance to try this new promising MMO a lot of divided opinions have come out. Some praise the game for its open world and amazing graphics and others criticize the game`s lackluster combat system. But one thing is for sure, Bless Online has gathered a huge online following and has a big potential to be the next big MMORPG with some tweaks here and there.

And so I have decided to put together this list of pros and cons of Bless Online to share my first impressions of the game. Keep in mind that this game is still very much in beta and all of the things in it are subject to change.

Insanely detailed character customization

As soon as you enter the game you are faced with one of the most detailed character customization screens. First of all, you will be given a choice between two warring factions and after that, you will have a choice of four different races and eight different classes. Some classes are locked for specific races and all classes are gender unlocked, which is not usually the thing in Korean MMOs. After you are done with this section the fun part begins.

5 Pros and Cons of Bless Online

Bless’ character creation system is almost universally praised and for all the right reasons. Everything you can imagine is changeable on your character. Individual parts of the face, body type, you can even put ten types of eye makeup. And it is all packed in clean and simple to use UI. People were amazed with Fallout 4`s character customization, wait until they see this one.

Massive open world

This is another good part of this game in my opinion. During my experience with the game, I didn’t once hit an invisible wall or any loading time in the open world. It is truly a free roaming open-world game. You can literally go from north part of the map to the south part with no loadings whatsoever. On top of that, you get to traverse this beautiful world with a number of different mounts. If I am not mistaken, you can actually tame every creature in this world and use it as a mount or at least as a companion. Who doesn’t like to ride their fallen enemies across the world?

5 Pros and Cons of Bless Online

Stunning graphics and world design

One last pro, for me, for Bless Online is its beautiful graphics and world design. Say what you will about this game, but the developers of Bless Online can really make a stunning world. During my time in this world, I was absolutely amazed. The architecture of buildings, enemies and NPCs designs are all top notch.

5 Pros and Cons of Bless Online

I was impressed when I found out that all races have their own starting area with different quests and enemy mobs. Even the feel and music of these areas is different than in other places. Dungeons are filled with traps and require teamwork. But the creature and boss designs are what captured my attention the most. I was stunned with beautiful animations and fun and interesting interactions with bosses during battles.

Poor combat system

Now for the cons. And these are not small complaints, but rather make or break ones. By far my biggest complaint about Bless Online is its combat system. I really think that developers messed up the game a lot with combat design like this. This is an almost unanimous complaint about Bless Online. First of all, you get to choose between “action” targeting and tab targeting.

To get things clear, I understand that some people like old school tab targeting, but in this game, it just feels outdated and unresponsive. Tab targeting needs a rework and a lot of polish. Now for the action system, there are no nice words for it. The only class that can use this system properly is berserker because of cleave attacks. Luckily a few days ago developers have come out with a statement about the combat system and they do understand the community’s complaints. In a next few months before the release, they will overhaul the combat system so it is more appropriate for modern day MMORPGs.

Linear quest design

My last complaint about this game is it’s linear and quite boring guest design. I know that a lot of MMORPGs have some generic quests, but my first impression of Bless`s quests is that they are all like this. Even in those interesting starting areas all you do is pick up herbs, slay set amount of enemies and the most tedious part is that every time you complete a quest for killing a mob of enemies you unlock a new one with the same objective but a bigger number to slay.

I have to say that I didn’t get to the end game and haven’t participated in siege battles, which I heard are awesome. But in my opinion MMORPG cannot be valued only by its end game, they should introduce some diversity in quest design so you have fun with the game until you reach that end goal.

This concludes my pros and cons of this game. I really see the potential this game has, but some of its systems need a lot of reworking and fixing. If they manage to fix all of these things I can see this game as the next big MMORPG in the west side of the world and even globally. So what do you guys think, do you agree with me or not? If you have tried Bless Online feel free to share your opinions in the comment section down below.

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