Will Bless Online Go “Out of Date” By The Time It Gets Released?

Sandbox MMORPGs are becoming quite popular apparently, as the Korean Bless Online is soon coming to the west.

We were promised a next-year launch so let’s see if Aeria Games delivers.

So what is Bless Online? It’s a medieval fantasy MMORPG done in the Unreal Engine 3, so you already know how kickass the graphics will be, except for some reason they could be better, judging from the things I’ve seen from the Korean servers. The story is nothing exceptional, two factions, the religious Hieron and the military alliance of Union, fighting each other. This kind of divide was done a lot of times in the past, making players choose one of two sides, so the PVP is focused on the clashes between the opposing sides.

The classes of the game are also quite generic, as you have the Guardian, Berserker, Paladin, Ranger, Assassin, Mage, Warlock and Mystic. If anything there is an abundance of classes, so you will have little to no trouble finding what you like. The race variety is also quite large, as you can choose from 10 of them, so again, there will probably be something in there that you will like.

The combat isn’t anything special, as the game was originally a classical point & click and tab target game with only certain classes offering non-targeting combat in CBT2. However, with the recent game changes, every class can now play the game as an action combat, which is way better than the previous combat system. The game focuses quite a lot on equipment crafting, rather than grinding for it in dungeons and such, which is nice for those players that don’t like the group aspect of MMO’s.

As long as the cash shop isn’t pay-2-win, the game could do well, even if it has quite a bit of problems on its Korean servers with plenty of server mergers since the launch. But another possible issue is, that similarly to other Korean MMORPGs, the release date in the western regions has been continuously delayed, and this could easily mean that by the time it actually gets pushed out, people will lose interest, and the things that it offers will go “out of date”. What do you think?

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