Bless Online to Release the Largest Update ‘The Blazing Fire’ this October

October 5th will see the Bless Online’s largest update “The Blazing Fire” which introduces a number of new things including the new Mystic Job, higher level cap (which will probably be 50), new areas, new dungeons, rune system, and more. Check out the teaser trailer here:

In addition, Neowiz plans to provide new experience for players by updating equipments and contents every 3 months after the big update. The current equipments’ ‘attribute change’ and ‘potential awakening’ system will be removed. Instead, the Rune system will take place. Different from current system where you target the equipment itself to be enhanced, you can now increase your character’s ability by setting rune on your equipment’s groove. Rune can be developed through enhancement, and will wield stronger ability as the rank of the rune or enhancement level is higher. You are able to remove the rune from the equipment and attach it to another equipment. So you could continue to use the rune that you’ve invested in.

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