How To Play Bless Online – Open Beta



In this video I describe how to play Bless Online and how to english patch the game. All the files you need are in the description of the video but incase you are lazy and don’t feel like leaving this page I will list them here as well. This guide will require money. At least 15.00 USD. It will require a VPN that has a South Korean server and a verified PMANG account. To get both of these free will require good connections from Korea which I don’t have. Hope this guide helps you!!

1) The first thing you will need is a VPN. Its very hard to find a free working VPN.
I use Express VPN. You can take a look at different VPNs here:

2) The second thing you will need is a PMANG or account that will work with Bless Online.
Again, trying to make one free will require a korean social or phone number which will require connections.
You can buy an account ready to go here:

3) Download the game client here:

4) Game Client page:

5) Bless Online English Patch:

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