Bless Online Official First Look Gameplay Preview 1080p

Having played in the KR OBT I can say that the game really reminds me of Rift as far as graphic quality (which makes sense, they’re from the same era) but the story, game systems, questing…they’re all pretty fun to be honest especially since each race gets their own questing zone. The problem with the game (and this will kill it) is the fact that the combat system is HORRIBLE. That, and in KR Neowiz put in this retarded fatigue system that they want players buying potions to reset, and then charge you more and more real life money to get more. If the rumors of Daum bringing this to the US are true they are going to need to make changes or Bless will be dead before it leaves the gates.

Nice to see a new MMORPG that has the combat system done right! Too many new MMORPGs that don’t build their combat system correctly just because they believe that the older “action combat” style developed in the early 90s is better than the newer tab targeting method. This MMORPG has a chance to become number 1 provided the publisher lets the player play how they want to instead of enforcing restrictions like almost all of the MMORPGs after WoW.

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