Aeria Games Did an AMA for Bless Online But Only a Few Answers Been

I don’t know how you feel when you see the news that Bless Online, one of the most anticipated Korean MMORPGs, is going to be published by Aeria Games in North America and Europe. In order to get closer to the community, Chris, Aeria Games’ Senior Product Lead in charge of Bless Online, opened a AMA post in Reddit, trying to answer questions popped up by players.

While many questions have been raised in regarding the pay to win, version differences, the business model, censorship, beta plans etc, a few answers of them have been given as Chris said “we just started working on the game. We’ll look into that and get back to you later.” For the possible pay to win impression that Aeira Games used to leave for players, Chris gave the following the answer:
Well, I understand your concerns and I share them. As a player, I really understand where you’re coming from. As a guy working on games, my stance is: fair F2P is good for user retention, P2W is not (maybe for the spenders, but not for the entire population of a game). In my role as a Product Lead, I’d like to focus on retention.
If you are curious about the beta plans for Bless Online, Chris told the community internal alpha test will begin soon but the beta could still be months off. As for the IP block, Aeria is focusing on “Europe (ex-Russia) and North America (incl. Mexico)” for Bless.

Although not many concrete answers have been given, Chris is very enthusiastic about Bless’s potential: “This game is one of the greatest MMORPGs ever created. We will be running the game as a service and you, the community, will be the judge of our success. The game looks brilliant, many of the systems are well thought through and designed. I think it brings the potential to being a big hit but we will have to work really, really hard to deliver.”


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