Was Aeria Games the Right Choice for Bless?


Most of you must have seen the recent news about Bless Online’s chosen western publisher, and I was wondering whether you guys expected a totally different company.

I was. Not because I consider Aeria incapable of publishing it, but because Bless Online is such a firm and long-awaited title that most would expect it to be given to a bigger publishing company. Personally, I haven’t had the chance to play too many MMORPGs run by Aeria, except maybe Echo of Soul and Aura Kingdom, which were not exactly my favorites.


Bless Online has kept players waiting for years now, and when Aeria was announced as the western publisher, it seemed not everyone was happy about it. This, of course, does not mean that Aeria will not manage to run the game, but do they have the workforce to keep up with a huge player base?


Bless Online will probably generate a huge amount of hype in the western regions and not everyone can handle millions of players. To me, Aeria Games’ current list of games seems to be dominated by casual MMORPGs ¬†and Bless Online is definitely not even close to being a casual game.

Many expected the western publisher of Bless to be Trion, but seeing the state of ArcheAge and Rift, quite a few people would similarly be unsatisfied. Are you guys happy with the decision that Aeria will be publishing Bless in the NA and EU regions, or did you have a completely different company in mind?

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