Areia Games AMA for Bless Online Answered Questions from Players

Aeria Games has made headlines after they announced the cooperation with Neowiz Games to publish the highly-anticipated MMORPG Bless Online in North America and Europe. To mollify any concerns and further learn the needs of the community, Chris, the senior product lead who is in charge of Bless Online at Aeria Games started an AMA for the incoming title.


Two topics stood out: the monetization model for EU/NA and the combat system. Other important points are the IT infrastructure, the content release schedule, anti-cheat solution, changes to the game, developer relations and licensed territories. However, many of these questions were met with variations on, “We don’t know as we just started working on the game. We’ll look into that and get back to you later.”


For the deep impression and worries of players on Aeira Games that the pay to win mode, Chris answered, “Well, I understand your concerns and I share them. As a player, I really understand where you´re coming from. As a guy working on games, my stance is: fair F2P is good for user retention, P2W is not (maybe for the spenders, but not for the entire population of a game). In my role as a Product Lead, I´d like to focus on retention.”


Even though the answer didn’t excite us, Chris was enthusiastic about Bless Online’s potential. We sincerely hope Aeria Games can demonstrate a satisfactory Bless Online to NA/EU players.

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