Bless Online First Impressions

Bless Online is a Korean MMORPG that’s likely to come to the west in the future and has recently gone into open BETA in Korea, I’ve known about this MMO for quite some time and I’ve been really excited to try it because of how good the graphics and world have looked in the trailers I’ve seen, Whilst I didn’t get to check out Dungeons, PVP or Raids there was quite a lot that I was impressed with in Bless Online and I feel like it’s a game with massive potential that’s held back by one giant flaw…

I played Bless Online for 6 hours and condensed my thoughts into this 33 minute first impressions / first look styled video with a mini review of my playtime at the end, Is Bless Online a game worth playing or being excited for? let me know in the comments below!


Maybe you didn’t like the combat cuz you are playing by yourself, it was clear to me that you needed a healer that time you get rekt by 3 or 4 mobs, and isn’t that the main concept of mmorpg? playing with someone else? Maybe theres a class that can give you some combat buffs?


Dude, bad mobility is like, part and parcel to a mage in any mmo. The trade off is that they do a tonne of damage when they stand still.


Funnybiscuit That’s been changing with newer releases though – older MMOs, like WoW and SWTOR, have stationary casters, but GW2, Tera, etc. have caster classes that are mostly mobile. So I think our expectations for combat mobility have definitely evolved over the years.


I completely agree. I think the combat looks great. Usually mmos go over the top with combat… i think they fall for the premise that the more complicated the combat system is, the harder it is to master… which obviously isn’t true. A simple combat system can be very difficult to master. Look at league of legends. It’s more about skill management and timing than button mashing combos


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