Bless Online Open World Faction Ganks and Random PvP

game become shit. what is called pvp is free pk, or as we know it now, ganking. people who likes that has some lvl of brain damage. the so called “carebears” aren’t those who dislike this. carebear wuold be someone who never do pvp, that’s something inexistant. a normal mmoRPG, (rol playing game) would have pvp, pk and diffferent forms of it, but always in a margin of order, consecuences at least or the choice of players of doing or not doing something without of being forced. Also the game should be PVE 90% of the time at least because that it is, if you want pure pvp then play a shooter or moba. A realistic world wouldn’t be like this ganking fest for fags are. A fun world neither. Pure pvp and not pure pvp players should be included in the same game. This unbrained fags that call “carebears” to those who don’t want this gankfests, they want people to kill, just that. They could kill themselves each other but, they can’t, because they pay for the gear or they play so many time that they are all strong, the “carebears” who work, go to school and live, they don’t, so they are the useful meat to kill and get “satisfied” as a no fucking life virtual killer. Companies realized this, and they just gave this ganking fags what they want, because they give most of the money…….that’s what they think, what would think a mediocre business too.

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