Assassin Guardian crying laughing! Bless professional balance adjustment and additional arena

Bless the patch notes containing such information, the professional balance adjustment and chat camps added to the official website was unveiled.

The first camp, chatting with all the characters are visible in the same camp were added. Press / 2 / camp, / Jin, one of the input / realm and the space bar will change to camp chat mode, you can send a message every 10 seconds. The message sent is reduced premium high grade intervals.

Kerman is high and wept on heptanone in the confrontation between the two sides can expand the arena were also released today. Click the war (shortcut B) button on the top left menu by pressing the Join button after selecting the Kerch heptanone arena to participate in the arena, and may apply for anyone level 25 or higher character.

Ability to take action is not exhausted when they enter the ‘heptanone Kerman Arena (Beta) “in the event arena that is applied to the current proceeding 27.


It then made ​​a profession-specific balance adjustment noticeable. Guardian dwaeteumyeo improve overall performance while using his paladin was ‘petitions sacrifice’ technology is reduced to 10-15% of the amount of physical immunity is reduced periodically to healing.

Damage is damage Berserker skills to gather strength but a slight decrease when attacking an enemy with a number of finishing moves have increased.

Meiji is coming up this whole Attack Assassin does not recover to the level of difficulty and the cut-year-old. Finally Ranger has Reduces the cooldown of launch / speaker.

In addition, improvements were made ​​with a system that many users needs. It is the top left menu button increases the readability increased faster than I can buy a bundle of 10 items in a grocery store, material stores, gathering tool shop was able to buy the items.

In addition, the chat window, you can change the text size that can be opened by clicking on the gear icon in the upper left corner of “Chat” window for each tab.

Other more updates can be found below.

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