Bless Online RvR PvP Full Match Long Gameplay Preview

TIMESTAMPS added below. Here is a full RvR match preview. I ended up doing pretty good with over 10 kills. My current level is 30, but it seems to have been boosted to 45. More information about PvP and RvR in my preview below.

00:00 Preparing for War
01:00 Charge!
01:33 No Enemy? What’s this Rock?
02:42 Rock Troubles, Map Awareness!
03:01 I’ll save you! 2 Enemies
04:40 Middle Captured Move OUT!
05:10 Enemy is pushing hard, Retreat!
06:00 Killing Mega Creep while Running
06:24 Gathering for a Counter Push
07:00 Counter Attack GO! Killing Spree!
08:00 Tree that Spawns Mega Creeps
08:50 YOLO Regrets 1st Death
10:00 Can’t hold off, FULL RETREAT!
11:46 Trapped in base Need Reinforcements!
12:15 Counter Attack Round 2! Pushing!
13:14 Enemy Mega Creeps, I guess I’ll help kill em.
16:16 Regrouping with the main Assault Team
17:04 RIP Lost Enemy Player Blink Strike Kill
17:26 Following Small Group? Oh, hell no! CYA
20:40 Pushing with MEGA Creeps!
21:20 Attack of the Enemy Gates! Enemy Flank!?
22:35 Barely made it out alive! Blink Strike love.
25:21 Just killing Mega Creeps Switching to Fire
29:17 Pushing RIP out numbered! 2nd Death
32:12 Revenge Kill them All!
34:16 Too many respawned, Full Retreat!
36:02 Counter Attack Round 3!
37:00 Team Splits in Two BAD IDEA
39:00 THE FINAL PUSH YOLO! Leading Charge!
40:35 Fountain Masscre?! GG

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